One Day in the Garden Route

As with most exciting destinations, the more time that you spend in the area, the more you will be able to tick off your list. And when it comes to a place like the Garden Route, with all of its many attractions and stunning views, you can take a couple of days or even a week to really see the best side of it.

But what if you only have a day to see it all?

While you can’t exactly do it all in a day, you can make the most of your time by booking the right sort of Garden Route tour or by just making sure that you dedicate enough time to your planning, in order to make sure that you are able to see and experience as much as you can.

When planning your day tour of the Garden Route, you should start by thinking about what kind of tour you want to experience. For instance, if you want to explore more of the history, you can focus your tour on going to those historical attractions and small towns that have built the history of the area. And if you want to have a tour that is more focused on the incredible natural beauty that the area has to offer, then you can plan your tour to include more of the outdoor attractions, coastal views, and maybe even a hike.

With so many Garden Route tours available, you can do things the easier way by booking your trip with a tour company, or you can drive yourself, something that will give you more flexibility and allow you to perhaps see a couple of things you haven’t seen before.


Garden Route national lake in Knysna


What to do on your day in the Garden Route

  1. Start in a town

Choose any town you like, there are plenty of them in the area, and stock up on some snacks and enough water to keep you going throughout the day. You can also hit the local tourism hub or Google nearby attractions, and from there head out.

  1. Don’t miss the coast

A big part of the attraction of the Garden Route is its long and stunning coastline. You should make the most of your day by catching sight of some of the coastal views as you drive to your destination.

  1. Eat local grub

When midday comes, you are going to be starving, and the best place to get something to eat will be at any of the many locally owned cafes and restaurants, where you can tuck into the local flavours.

  1. Walk a little

If you go into a forest, spend some time walking around, and if you are going into a small town, leave your car somewhere and just take a little time walking from one shop or attraction to the next.

Ideally, you should never skimp on your time in the Garden Route so while this quick tip guide might be helpful, nothing beats a week or two in this area.


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