Gondwana Private Game Reserve lion herd spotted on a safari

Home is Where the Heart is, and Ours is in Africa

For those who visit Africa, once is never enough. The experience is one that seeps into their souls and has them yearning to return. 

This is because no two places on the continent are the same. Each has its own cultures, its own feeling, its own spectacular vistas, wildlife, and deeply enduring history. 

A holiday in the Mother City of Cape Town is a world away from an idyllic tropical beach vacation along the lazy beaches of Mozambique. And a Kruger Park safari is absolutely nothing like a game drive at dusk along the Zambezi River in Zambia. 

Although the African safari is packaged with an itinerary, each tour offers something new and interesting to experience, which is why so many travellers choose Africa as their preferred destination, even if they have spent time on the continent before.

There is reason why the famous writer Ernest Hemingway said “Africa changes you forever, like nowhere on earth. Once you have been there, you will never be the same.”

It is because there is no place like Africa and having been in one of the continent’s preferred international inbound tour operator since 1997, at African Travel Concept we have a first-hand understanding about how magical this continent really is; not just because we have travelled its expanses, but because it is also our home. 

In our almost 30 years of experience, we know that what every traveller wants is an experience that stays with them for the rest of their lives. And an African holiday is something that is so unique and so unbelievably different that time and again, we hear our clients saying “out of this world” when we ask them about what they thought of their wild adventure. 

Every destination that we offer a travel package for has something about it that is special, something that will take you out of your comfort zone, away from your ordinary world, and into the very heart of the places you visit.  

Your time on holiday in Africa will be transformative and enlightening, but also blissful and relaxed. 

Africa is so much more than a destination; it is a place that travellers don’t just visit, but instead come home to. When you book your tour with ATC, we will be with you all along the way, from that first greeting, to that first wildlife sighting, to when the time comes to say goodbye. 

Our team is based in the same time zone you’ll be travelling in which means we are always just a call away if you need guidance or assistance. We only work with the best safari and tour operators in each destination we currently offer tours in, and each tour is carefully curated following our own travels. 

Whether this is your first time visiting a specific destination and you require information, or if you need guidance finding that ideal travel package, our help team is here to help. You can also find reviews and information about our tours from past travellers over on our Google Business Page. 

They say that Africa is a vibe; it is a place that dances to a rhythm that only those who have walked on the land can feel. We invite you to experience Africa for yourself, and see why this continent holds a place in so many travellers’ hearts.