Must See Natural Garden Route Attractions

The Garden Route is easily one of the most majestic places in the Cape. It boasts some of the most beautiful attractions including natural sights as well as quaint little towns that are warm and welcoming to all of those who pass through it.

Whether you are looking for an outdoor holiday full of action packed activities that will give you plenty of fresh air, or if you are looking for a laidback getaway complete with lazy days on the beach or sitting with a picnic basket beneath the canopy of forest trees, there is something for everyone in the Garden Route, you just need to know how to plan your holiday.

To get that full Garden Route experience, it helps to plan a holiday that includes a mixture of attractions and activities. This way you can balance your tour while ensuring that when the time comes to leave, you have seen the best of what it has to offer, as well as some of those lesser seen things that are oftentimes overlooked.


Garden Route national lake in Knysna


Attractions to Add to your Holiday Bucket List

There is a lot to see when visiting here, so we’ll start off by putting the spotlight firmly on the natural attractions worth seeing.

  1. Featherbed Nature Reserve

This is one of those not so well known attractions but one that is absolutely worth adding to your list. From this reserve, you can get the best views of the famous Knysna Heads, a natural rocky attraction that is steeped in history and is hard to miss. The Knysna Heads are not the only thing to enjoy here. You can also take a ferry trip across the lagoon or take a walk along the coastline. And just a heads up, when walking here, bring along a comfortable pair of boots.

  1. The Garden Route Botanical Garden

You might think that the Garden Route is already a Botanical Garden of sorts, but there is a place at the foot of the Outeniqua Mountains where you can recharge amongst the greenery while also taking loads of photos. The garden also has a tea garden, a nursery, and a herbarium to enjoy.

  1. Point of Human Origins

Africa, and South Africa, in general is a historical attraction of great importance, as plenty of discoveries have pointed to the birth of mankind being in Africa. This attraction focuses on the Pinnacle Point Caves, where evidence points to the rise of Homo Sapiens some 200 to 100 thousand years ago. This attraction is a must for archaeological fans.

  1. Storms River Mouth

An iconic part of the Garden Route, a slow boat trip down the Storms River towards the mouth, with towering rocky cliffs on either side is an attraction you will never forget. This attraction can be enjoyed as a part of the Otter Trail, which can take 5 days of hiking to complete but which will be well worth the effort.

  1. Knysna Forest

The indigenous forests of the Garden Route are absolutely breathtaking and they are all that remains of what was once one of Africa’s biggest forests. The Knysna Forest has indigenous trees and wildlife populations which include elephant and buffalo. This is the perfect place to take a walk or to go on a long hike.

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