How to Make a Day of a Trip to Table Mountain

Table Mountain is one of the very first sightings that greet all of the guests that come to the city. It is an iconic landmark that is the backdrop of numerous photos and which has come to represent the city as a whole. When tourists think of Cape Town, it is usually Table Mountain that comes to mind and so it is quite easy to understand why Table Mountain is one of those places where just about every tourist to the city likes to spend a day.

Some will visit Table Mountain on their own, making a full Cape Town day of their adventure, while others will book a tour as a part of their Cape Town tour package, where they will explore the mountain and all of the other interesting attractions that can be seen while here.

Table Mountain is easily the Eiffel Tower of South Africa, and it is also one of the oldest mountains in the world. As such a natural wonder, a trip here is usually characterised by the history of the mountain and the cable ride up to the top. This is definitely an outdoor attraction, so when you are visiting here, you will want to pack your hiking boots.

For those who are visiting for the very first time, it might be easy to think that all you do at Table Mountain is to ride to the top and then walk around, enjoying the sights. But this mountain offers so much more than just incredible views. If you intend to make a full day of your trip, here are just some of the things that you can do while here.




  1. Cape Town Scootours

On a scooter made for travelling on the rocky terrain of the Swiss Alps, you can freewheel your way around Table Mountain on a scooter. The terrain is incredible bumpy and absolutely invigorating, guaranteeing that you experience a real thrill while getting to see all sorts of interesting things along the way. This is also the ultimate family-friendly adventure.

  1. Do the Cable Car

It might seem a little cliché but you are on holiday, you’re at the most iconic mountain in the city, and you might as well make the most of it by getting into a cable car and taking a trip to the top of the mountain.

  1. Try Abseiling

Abseiling from the summit of the mountain is not for the faint hearted, especially if you are afraid of heights. The mountain is some 1000 meters above sea level, and this makes it the highest commercial abseil in the world. It takes about an hour to travel from the summit to the bottom, and this is certainly something that you will want to do as part of a Cape Town guided tour.

  1. Enjoy High Tea at the Top

At the top of Table Mountain, when you have done some exploring, you can stop at the Cableway Lounge for tea and some of the most delicious snacks. The lounge is only open from 2.30pm to 5.30pm, and you need to make a booking if you wish to go, as the lounge only accommodates 20 guests.



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