10 Reasons why people fall in Love with Cape Town

Gorgeous scenery, an icy blue ocean, winelands on the outskirts, and a vibe that can’t be beaten, Cape Town is just one of those places that creeps into your heart and stays there forever. For these 10 reason, and probably a whole lot of others, this is why many Cape Town tourists continue to return year after year for a Cape Town tour.




  1. That Mountain Though

It is hard to ignore Cape Town’s most iconic landmark. Table Mountain is one of the first things you see when you arrive in the city and it is one of the last things you will see when you leave. It acts as a guiding marker as you move around the city and it is a great place to explore, with cable cars moving up and down the mountain all day.

  1. Those Views

Although Cape Town is one of South Africa’s biggest cities, like many other parts of the country, there is a lot of natural scenery all around. The city is a diverse place, and not only is it home to wonderful gardens and national parks, but just a short drive out of the city and the concrete jungle gives way to rolling green scenes and winelands.

  1. Sunny Beaches

Cape Town is by the sea after all, and it is hard to ignore those beckoning beaches once you catch sight of them. It can easily take you a whole week to explore all the beaches in the area, but no matter which one you choose to put your body on, it is bound to have you falling head over heels.

  1. Sublime Weather

But let’s be honest, only in the autumn, summer and spring months. Winters in the Cape can be miserable and you will be hard pressed to find a Capetonian who will say anything otherwise. But aside from those four or so months, the weather is dry, warm and just wonderful.

  1. It has the Bo-Kaap

Another iconic attraction, the Bo-Kaap is a street of brightly coloured houses with plenty of history. These houses were once homes to slaves, but today that troubled past is nowhere in sight and the vibe is quite magical.



  1. Period

When you are in the Western Cape of South Africa, you are in wine country. So, whether you tour a nearby wine farm to taste the latest vintage, or if you indulge in a glass or two of something local at a restaurant, you should treat yourself.

  1. The food is pretty good too

Cape Town is home to some of South Africa’s best know, much-celebrated restaurants. If you are here, look for a couple of home-grown places to eat. Leave the chain restaurants alone.

  1. Adventure in abundance

South Africa is an outdoorsy country and in Cape Town you will find all sorts of activities that will get your heart pumping in all the right ways. Paragliding, shark cage diving, and mountain climbing are just a few interesting activities you can sign up for.

  1. The History

Cape Town has seen a lot more history than most parts of the world and there are plenty of museums and landmarks that you can visit if you want to learn more.

  1. Feel good feel

It is something that you will only understand once you are in the city. The overall feeling of Cape Town is one of goodness and joy, something that can become really addictive.



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