Wine Tasting in the Cape Winelands: A Journey through South Africa’s Vineyards

The stunning Cape of South Africa has a centuries-old tradition of making the world’s finest wines. South African wine is famous for its rich flavour and decadent taste, and one of the best kinds of South African tours includes a trip through the Winelands. Set against striking, majestic mountains, with ancient Cape Dutch farmhouses and kilometre upon kilometre of old grapevines making up the landscape, the Winelands are in a class of their own.

Throughout your South African travels, you won’t find another place that looks like the Winelands and you won’t easily find its old-world charm anywhere else either. So when you have the opportunity to travel through these parts, make sure that you plan or book a tour of the area.

One of the greatest things about a trip to the Cape Winelands is that you get to go on a tasting tour. Most of the farms have a shop and some even have a restaurant where you can spend some time tasting what they have on offer before grabbing a bottle of the wine that pleases your pallet.

South Africa’s wine industry is one of the biggest sectors of the agricultural economy and its vintages are sold the world over. When you visit the Winelands you are not just getting to experience the best of what our wine industry has to offer, you will also play an important and much-appreciated role in the industry not just by buying wine but also by spreading the word about our wines.


The Cape Winelands

Collectively known as the Cape Winelands, the area consists of centuries-old wine farms and towns. The towns are not just great places to stay during your trip, but they are also home to their own attractions and things to do. Some of the most popular towns to visit include Stellenbosch, Constantia and Franschhoek, and each plays a vital role in the continuation of productive wine farming in the area.

The Winelands are unique in that they have their very own climate. With the mountains to the back of the farms and the Atlantic to the front, the climate is cool and moist, with the winters being quite cold and frost and snow not being unheard of. This along with the hot dry summers, makes the environment perfect for growing grapes that have their own unique flavour that gives the wine its distinctive South African taste.

Wine Tasting Tips

There is an old-world feel here, and it is important to pay attention to etiquette when you are going on a wine-tasting adventure. Most Wineland tours, if you are going on a guided one, will take you to the farm where you will be doing the tasting, otherwise, you will need to grab a map and drive yourself. It is also important that you book your wine tasting up front, as most of these tours are by appointment only.

As for etiquette, the procedure will be explained to you and it is important that you follow the instructions. Not only will following the instructions help to ensure that you have the best experience, but it will also ensure that you are able to fully appreciate the wine you are sampling.