Why the summer safari is the best kind of African getaway

Although there is often intense pressure to book a safari in the winter months, going on a laidback sun filled holiday has a certain appeal and will be a unique experience, not just because summer in Africa is unlike anywhere else.

Travelling between October and March, when the summer season is in full swing, you can look forward to lazy afternoon siestas, majestically lit-up thunderstorms, and flourishing plant and wildlife in abundance. If you are coming from the Northern Hemisphere, travelling during this time of the year will be an absolute treat, giving you time away from the cold and enough energy and encouragement to return home and see out the rest of winter.

Beyond the stunning weather, an African safari holiday at this time of year is also a great option if you want to avoid an overcrowded holiday and just about have the place to yourself, as most prefer to visit the continent during its winter making the summer months a lot less busy than other times.

Elephants drinking water at Thanda Safari Lodge pond

5 Great Reasons to Book a Summer Safari

There are way more than 5 reasons to click “book” on that Africa safari holiday package you have been eyeing, but for the sake of time, here are 5 of the best reasons to have a summer safari.

  1. There is new life around every corner

It’s not just in places like the Kruger National Park where you will be able to witness the miracle of new life being born. All across Africa, new baby animals are being born in abundance, and spotting everything from the cutest lion cubs to adorable warthog piglets is possible.

  1. Photography is made easy this time of year

The winter months in most of Africa, and especially in safari areas, are dry and dusty, which makes balancing light for photography a little more difficult. This is not to say that you can’t capture stunning photos during a winter safari, it’s just that during the summer months the light is so much cleaner and brighter that it can help you tell a better story with your images.

  1. Summer safaris are quieter

Not everyone wants to take on the exquisite heat of an African summer, but that is not the only reason why a summer safari is a lot more peaceful. Part of summer falls over the festive season when quite a lot of people choose to stay home and have a family get-together, leaving some places with fewer visitors. There are, of course, exceptions to the rule, as the Kruger can get rather busy over Christmas as locals head off for their annual holiday.

Travelling during a quiet time of year gives the whole experience a more exclusive feel and it is definitely a great time to travel as a couple.

  1. Holidays are longer

This is quite literal, as the summer days in Africa have a lot more daylight than the winter ones. On a summer African holiday, you can expect your game drive to start just before the sunrises and to end before the day gets too hot. This gives you a lot of time in between to relax and take full advantage of your lodge’s swimming pool, before the late afternoon game drive.

  1. The rates are exceptional

Summer is a low travel season, so the rates are cheaper and that includes the offers on a long stay. This means you can plan that luxury once-in-a-lifetime summer African safari holiday and pay far less than you would have if you travelled during the high season.