Trevor Noah Answers a Few Questions About South Africa

As one of the most famous South Africans, Trevor Noah gets asked a lot of questions about our beautiful country while he is living abroad. In a new campaign to bring more tourists to our sunny shores, Noah is answering some of the every day and rather funny questions that many tourists ask, in a 1:46-minute clip that is going viral.

At ATC, our travel experts have heard quite a lot of these questions and we understand why tourists ask them. South Africa is a special place for so many reasons, and when you travel here, it is always important that you choose a friendly and knowledgeable travel company to ensure that your trip is just what you want it to be.

Africa Through the Eyes of a Local

Although Noah now lives in the USA, we all know that no matter where a South African moves in the world, we don’t lose that essence that makes us African! We have a silly sense of humour, an epic knowledge of our land, and a deep love for the place we are lucky enough to call our home.

And in true South African style, Noah delightfully and rather playfully answered 5 of the most common questions asked.

Image Credit Tourism Business Council of South Africa

Our country has so much to offer tourists, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what Trevor Noah is telling the world about our country, through answering a few of the more frequently asked questions in his light and witty, well-known style.

1. How cold and snowy is your Christmas?

As Trevor points out, it’s not that we can’t afford the snow, it’s that we’re in the Southern Hemisphere, so our festive season falls smack bang in the middle of our hot summer! So although many South Africans have longed for a hallmark snowy Christmas, we have to settle for a day at the beach or swimming pool, braai meats and salads, and delicious cold cocktails to celebrate the holidays. What a tough way to spend the day right (wink)?

2. Can you play golf in South Africa?

South Africa has produced golfing legends like Gary Player, Ernie Els, Bobby Locke, Charl Schwartzel, and Trevor Immelman, all of whom have honed their skills on some of South Africa’s most iconic golf courses. We have some truly magnificent places to tee off, including the wild Leopard Creek Golf Course, the seaside St Francis Links, and Pearl Valley, in the old world Cape Winelands.

But to make a long answer short, yes you can play golf in South Africa.

Image Credit Tourism Business Council of South Africa

3. How many stars are your 5 Star Hotels?

Um, 5 stars. We have luxury 5 star hotels. Come and see for yourself.

4. Can I meet the Lions?

You can! But only in season, when they are playing in the Curry Cup Rugby Tournament.

You were asking about the wildlife weren’t you?

In that case, while you can’t “meet” them as in touch them, you can spend time seeing them while on a wild safari. South Africa is home to the magnificent Kruger National Park, as well as countless other private game parks, like Sabi Sands, and all sorts of other public destinations. And with daily safari game drives, you can spend ample time seeing lions as well as elephants, rhinos, leopards, cheetahs, wildebeests, zebras, kudus, impalas, nyla, baboons, warthogs, waterbucks, caracals, jackals, wildogs, hyenas, giraffe…

5. Is South Africa fun?

Fun?! Fun is an understatement of note. When you visit South Africa, we promise that you won’t be bored for a moment. We have safaris, we have hiking trails, we have ziplines, we have forest canopy walks, we have gorge lifts and boating, and kayaking, and white river rafting. And that is just in the area around the Kruger Park!

Elsewhere in the country there’s bungee jumping, shark cage diving, surfing, hang gliding, hot air balloons, wine tasting, cycling, a bustling night life, some of the best restaurants in the world, local markets, and a feel good vibe that will settle in your soul and stay there forever!

Now that you have the answers to some of the most asked questions, we have one for you: When are you making the trip to South Africa?

Watch the latest Tourism Video by Trevor Noah here