The Hidden Attractions in the Garden Route

It is the beauty of the Garden Route that really brings in the tourists. Its wild and rustic aesthetic and the fact that it allows visitors to escape from their reality and submerse themselves in nature is something that can be so good for the mind and soul, and if you want to make the most of your Garden Route tour, you should think very carefully about where you plan to spend the bulk of your trip.

There are so many exceptional places to visit when you are travelling to the Garden Route that making the decision about where you will be going can be a little tricky. While you will not want to miss a visit to some of those more popular places and attractions, it is the hidden ones that will leave you feeling more as though you have had a proper holiday and had a real feel for the area.

The Garden Route is a magical stretch of road that covers plenty of incredible things. For the most part, it is the forests, the ocean views, and the small towns that are what draws people in all the time. People are attracted to the nature and all the greenery, but if you want to make sure that you get a real idea about what you can see and experience while you are here, these are some of the attractions you should be adding to your list.




  1. The Town of Wilderness

It is a town that really lives up to its name. Although it is populated and full of life, the town is also quite rustic and there is a lot of natural beauty all around, so if you want to spend part of your time picnicking or going for hikes, Wilderness is the ideal place for you to go while you are in the area.

  1. The Storms River Suspension Bridge

Connecting 2 mountains and giving visitors a spectacular view of the ocean and the Storms River below, taking a walk across the Storms River Suspension Bridge is an activity not to be missed if you want a real, exciting experience. The bridge is quite long and the views are without a doubt absolutely stunning, and there is also the view of the odd waterfall here and there.

  1. Circles in the Forest

An unbelievably beautiful hiking trail in Knysna that will take you on an almost hidden walk through an enchanted natural forest full of amazing trees and fern plants, paddling through streams and making your way wooden walkways makes for a memory filled trip, the Circles in the Forest is a must-add for your adventure list.

  1. Gerickes Point

Pack your swimming costume and bring along your camera, because when you get to Gerickes Point you are going to want to take a dip and capture as many of the sights as possible. This attraction is in the Sedgefield area and if you travel here in the off season you might just find yourself all alone on the stretch of beach, with just your thoughts for company.


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