The Best Snorkelling Spots in Cape Town

As the seaside city that seems to have it all, most visitors to Cape Town don’t often think of the beach and the sea as the best place to spend their holiday. Cape Town and its incredible surroundings offer so much to see and to do that the ocean is one of the last places people think to go. But if you are the type who has a special love for the sea, there are quite a few interesting places to go to where you can put on your snorkelling gear and take a dip into the cold ocean.

That is one thing to keep in mind when you are planning to do anything in the ocean. The Atlantic is a lot colder than the Indian Ocean, which you will find along the east coast. For this reason, a dip in the Atlantic is not something for everyone, and for those who are keen on it, wearing the right kind of swimming clothing is a must.

With that said, the Atlantic is brimming with life and the underwater wonder worlds that you can see when going snorkelling on the Cape Town coastline is unbelievably beautiful. The subject of countless documentaries and many a magazine spread, if you are looking for a memorable place to see the underwater landscape for yourself, then heading to one of these sights with your snorkelling gear is a must.

  1. Windmill Beach

This snorkelling spot is found at False Bay and it is an absolutely stunning place to explore. The beach is best visited on a calm day, as it does get incredibly windy here which can disrupt the waters and make visibility difficult. The beach has an assortment of boulders, and it has become a popular spot to see penguins.

  1. Sandy Cove

At Oudekraal Beach, down a very steep road that takes you into the bay,  you can go snorkelling in picturesque Kelp Forests, in the centre of which is a sand patch. The bay has all sorts of life, including shy sharks and pajama sharks, as well as electric rays. It is best to snorkel here in the summer months.

  1. Long Beach

This is by far one of Cape Town’s most popular beaches and you can find it in the Simons Town area. Here in the peace and quiet, away from the wind, you can go snorkelling in some of the city’s very best snorkelling spots, where you can see all sorts of plants and aquatic life. The beach is open all year round.

  1. The Old Harbour

A bit further up the west coast and you will find the popular tourist town of Hermanus. The area is well-known for its whale watching and it is very easy to get to. When beneath the waves, you will see all sorts of interesting things, including amazing kelp forests and you might even be able to hear the whales if you are snorkelling at the right time of year. If this is a destination you hope to visit, it is best to go during the winter and the spring.


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