The Best Places to View Art in Cape Town
Cape Town Street Art

South Africa is much underrated when it comes to its artists. And as the past few years have largely ignored art and it’s mystifying, beautifying and calming effects that it can have on those making it and those who get to look at the art once it is complete, galleries have stood mostly empty and waiting for art connoisseurs and every day art appreciators alike to return.

If you are planning a Cape Town tour this year, and you want to learn more about what the locals are making in terms of art, then you need to know which art galleries and museums are going to be the best ones to visit. Cape Town is an artistic hub, with all sorts of artists drawn to the city’s more eclectic vibe and its encouraging artistic environment.




And if you want to go to the best art galleries in the city, here are a few that you can add to your list.

  1. The Cape Gallery

On Church Street, you will see an old worldly sign that will point you to The Cape Gallery, one of the city’s oldest art galleries. A lot of the art here features a mix of paintings and sculptures, most of which display African culture and African landscapes. The exhibitions will stay on display for one month and often they are designed to accommodate just a single artist.

  1. Stevenson Gallery

This art gallery is a more contemporary one and you will find it in the fashionable suburb of Woodstock. Local artists appear alongside international ones and the artwork is generally critically acclaimed pieces. The art here is varied, covering all sorts of genres and styles.

  1. Everard Read

If what you really want is to exclusively view local artists, this is the gallery to head to. The gallery is displayed at the famous V & A Waterfront, and it features a range of artwork paintings, and sculptures. The gallery has recently expanded to include a sculpture garden across the road.

  1. Goodman Gallery

With an art gallery up in Johannesburg and now one in Cape Town, the Goodman Gallery is one that is quite well known among South African art fans. The gallery focuses on displaying African art and most of the artworks are created by locals as well as artists further up in Africa. Often, the gallery also displays the artwork of international artists.

  1. South African National Gallery

Another of South Africa’s oldest art galleries, this is one of the best places to visit if you are looking for acclaimed art that includes every type of genre, from the fine art paintings, to photographs, textiles, beadwork, and sculptures. The gallery regularly changes up the art that it displays and it also changes the genres, giving you something new and beautiful to appreciate each time you go there.

As part of your Cape Town tour, a visit to a popular gallery is a must, even if art is not really your thing. Through the South African artworks that you observe, you will be able to get a better sense of the people who call this amazing country home.


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