The Best Places to Grab a Locally Made Bite to Eat

The Garden Route is an undeniably beautiful place. Surrounded by greenery, the most spectacular of ocean views, and some truly inviting small towns, there is so much to do and see when you decide to go on a Garden Route tour, that you are going to need a proper energy boost to get you going and to keep you fueled!

Much like all of those small town gems, the Garden Route is not without its charm and hospitality. There is something that is just so special about taking a drive through this area and stopping along the way for a snack or a meal. Many of the restaurants and cafes in the area are small, family owned operations, which does make the whole experience a whole lot more memorable.

When you find yourself on a fun journey through the Garden Route, these are some of the must-visit places when you start to feel the hunger setting in.



Serendipity Restaurant

Based in Wilderness, this restaurant is tipped as an excellent place to eat and it serves up a number of incredible meals, many of which are vegan friendly. The restaurant is more on the fine dining side, so it is the perfect place for an evening out. Serendipity pays extra attention to giving diners a personal experience and their menu changes regularly, meaning you always have something new to look forward to.

Nina’s Café

Fried potato chips, delicious hamburgers, fresh breads, salads and almost every kind of cake you can imagine, Nina’s Café is a quintessential eatery when you are looking for a more laid back experience. The café is located in George and it has earned itself plenty of fans, thanks to its tasty menu and its great service.

East Head Café

Looking for a spot for lunch? Look no further than the East Head Café! You will find all of the favourites here including toasted treats, battered fish and chips, and a couple of really amazing, creative dishes. Both the food and the ambiance is loved by those who regularly dine here, and with such a variety on the menu, there are all sorts of good reasons why you should chose this place as their food stop.

White Washed

If you find yourself in Knysna with a grumbling stomach, White Washed has a menu that will make you really happy. They serve breakfast, lunch and brunch, and they have a number of vegan friendly options as well as those classic meals like chicken salad and open sarmies. The venue is beautifully rustic and there is both indoor and outdoor seating.

Freshline Fisheries

You can’t go to the Garden Route and NOT eat fish! The region is famous for its fresh fish and at Freshline Fisheries in Knysna, there is such an assortment of tasty foods to dig into. From that classic hake dish to exotic prawns, no matter what you are in the mood for, it is likely to be on the menu here.



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