One Day in Cape Town
Table Mountain View

Not every Cape Town tour is going to consist of 3 weeks exploring the city and its surrounds. Sometimes all you have is a single day, but if you know what you are doing then a single day is really all you need in order to see quite a lot of the best attractions (those that you really want to see at least) and to have a once in a lifetime experience that will stay with you forever.

To make sure that your single day Cape Town tour is going to be the kind of unforgettable adventure that you’ve always wanted to have, you will have to plan your day’s tour down to the last detail. And we are going to help you do just that with this quick guide to your one day in Cape Town.

For starters, unless you are booking a tour, you will need to hire a car. This is the only way that you will be able to get around to all the attractions in one day. And you should also make sure that you don’t overextend yourself when it comes to planning what you will be doing during the day. You are, after all, on a limited amount of time, so you will need to be very specific with your intentions.



What to do and how to do it

Ideally, when planning your single day trip through the city, you should start with the main tourist attractions first. By hitting popular spots first, you can avoid the crowds that are going to gather later in the day. The first place to go, when you are in the city, should be Table Mountain. Getting to the mountain early means you can climb it or go up in a cable car before the area becomes overcrowded.

After that, you should think about taking a drive down the coastline. A scenic drive is actually a great experience if you are looking for a way to see a lot without having to actually stop at each place along the way. The Cape Coast is absolutely stunning, but it is rather cold, so you will need to pack something warm if you intend on getting out and walking along the beach.

You should then head to a vineyard. There are a couple of nearby vineyards that you can explore without having to drive too far. And after you’ve had lunch at whichever vineyard you find yourself at, a trip to a local botanical garden, such as Kirstenbosch will be a great way to spend the afternoon. If going to the gardens is not your thing, you can instead opt to go to an art gallery or explore a museum. You could also just spend the afternoon shopping around at the local shops, of which Cape Town has many.

And in the evening of your one day Cape Town tour, you can pick a restaurant of your choosing and have a meal. The restaurants on the V&A Waterfront are always popular, and offer a lot of variety.



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