In 2014 Das gewisse E from Germany brought an Incentive group to South Africa. Part of their itinerary was communal work and interaction. African Travel Concept selected Ocean View Primary School as the choice of establishment to support. Ocean View Primary School is located close to the seaside suburb of Kommetjie, approximately an hours’ drive from Cape Town. The participants visiting the school, did some painting and re-organising of the library. They also sponsored an upgrade of the school’s rugby field and planted some trees. It was such a heart warming experience that the owner, Nadine Engels, of Das Gewisse E decided to support these children going forward, to date. Every year she is collecting some funds from her family and friends, and African Travel Concept adds manpower and any additional funds required.

The sponsored funds are used towards purchasing school bags, school stationary, water bottles and some treats for the kids, aged 5-7 years, as they are making their big leap onto Gr. 1 – the official start of their primary school chapter. Prior to Covid African Travel Concept normally organised a big party for all the children of the school with hot dogs and drinks and more. A Santa Clause was arranged to come and distributed presents to the kids. During- & post Covid, this was not possible any longer, as the school had Covid rules & regulations to adhere to with limited people visiting, therefore only a small team of ATC staff make their way to the school to distribute the above mentioned goodies to the Gr. R learners. ATC assists Das gewisse E by purchasing the items on their behalf whilst communicating closely with Ocean View Primary with regards to their needs, packaging the items (with assistance from the entire ATC office) and setting a date to deliver and hand over these items to the children directly. Photos and videos are taken, based on approval from Ocean View Primary, in order to share these with both the school but most importantly the sponsor. ATC & Das gewisse E has been working together on this project, with Ocean View Primary School, for the past 10 years and plan to do so for years to come.

We believe in this project as there is a need in this community and our contribution is always well received by all kids, the school and their staff.