A Quick Guide to Mozambique

Mozambique lies drenched in the sun along the southern east coast of the continent.

It is a country with a tropical island atmosphere and there is a certain remoteness about it that has for centuries enchanted everyone who has arrived on its shores.

Each year Mozambique warmly welcomes tourists from all over to enjoy its rustic, picturesque beauty. The Mozambique holiday is one that comes in many forms, although that lazy trip to the beach is the most popular kind of trip. The tropical green palm trees, white sandy beaches, and the inviting turquoise ocean which glitters endlessly under the warmth of the African sun are not the only things attractive about this destination. Mozambique is also home to an interesting collection of cultures, vibrant natural attractions, and interesting colonial-style architecture.

Getting to the attractions that Mozambique has to offer requires an adventurous spirit, and a little know-how. Going on a Mozambique safari holiday or signing up for a Mozambique holiday package, are the best ways to comfortably see the country and all of the fascinating things that it has to offer.

Whether you are looking forward to spending your days on the beach, perhaps doing a little fishing or trying your hand at a water sport, or if you want to explore the archipelagos or go on a safari drive, Mozambique holiday packages can offer you all of this and so much more.


  • Population Size: 32.16 million
  • Official Languages: Portuguese (there are also over 40 unofficial languages spoken in Mozambique)
  • Land Size: 801 590 km², which is roughly 3 times bigger than the United Kingdom or the combined size of New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. This makes Mozambique the 35th largest country in the world.
  • Politics: A multi-party democracy

When is the best time to visit Mozambique?

Choosing the best time to visit Mozambique can be difficult because the weather can sometimes change so fast that it is hard to say with certainty what you can expect at a certain time of year.

When travelling between December and March, the weather is hot, humid, and basically what you can expect from an African coastal country. These are the country’s summer months and along with the intense heat and humidity, the days are characterised by afternoon thunderstorms, and heavy downpours. Travelling during this season can be ideal because the prices are often lower. And for divers, the ocean is warmer, making it the perfect time to go diving.

From April to May the intense summer heat starts to wane and the days become rather more pleasant and less sticky. At this time of year the rains have also started disappearing.

Between June and August, the country is in its winter season and the days although not uncomfortably cold are definitely cooler. This is a good time of year to travel if you are planning on having a Mozambique safari holiday, as the winter months are drier, which makes it easier to see wildlife in the country’s many game parks.

September to November are also a great time to visit, because the weather is not yet too hot and the rains have not yet come. At this time of year the weather is great for diving and for other kinds of fun outdoor activities.

Top Attractions and Activities

Unforgettable sights, exceptional places to eat, and plenty of places to go if you are looking for a little entertainment, the Mozambique holiday comes in all shapes and sizes, and to make your trip the best holiday of your life, here’s a couple of top attractions and activities to consider.

  1. Go to the Bazaruto National Park

Mozambique is not your conventional African safari destination, and many of its national parks don’t have the same sort of wildlife sightings that other places in Africa have to offer. That said, there is no other place in Africa that has what you can see in the Bazaruto National Park.

Bazaruto is made up of 1400 square kilometres, with 5 islands which together with the surrounding waters make up the Archipelago. This area is home to all sorts of bird species and antelope, and it also has Nile crocodiles. In the waters that surround the islands, there are some 2000 different species of fish, as well as green turtles, leatherback turtles, and loggerhead turtles.

  1. Go to Maputo

It is not something on every tourist’s itinerary but the hustle and the bustle of Maputo is not to be missed. The culture of Mozambique is alive in Maputo, but to drive through the city you need some nerves of steel as everyone has their own sort of rules. The city is home to some of the best examples of old architecture and there are a couple of interesting shopping markets to explore.

  1. Go Sandboarding

Mozambique has all sorts of fun outdoor activities to take part in, and while most of the activities have to do with water sports, if you are keen on doing something different, there is always sandboarding, and a popular place to do it is on the sand dunes of Bazaruto Island.

  1. Go Scuba Diving

A once in a lifetime Mozambique holiday would be incomplete without a day spent scuba diving. Whether you are a novice or a more experienced scuba diver, there are all types of scuba diving trips to take part in and some form a part of the overall Mozambique beach holiday package.

  1. Go on Safari

The Mozambique safari holiday is something that is offered in numerous spots in the country, but one popular place to go on a safari trip is Parque Nacional Da Gorongosa. The park is slowly recovering from the ravages of the civil war, and all throughout the park there is evidence of the conflict. But despite the history of the park, it is still a top safari destination and one place where you can see all sorts of wildlife.

Travelling to Mozambique

Because Mozambique is the sort of destination that is still quite rustic, the roads are a little rough in places, and most of the best Mozambique destinations are rather far apart, which can make getting to them a little difficult, which can slow down your trip. For this reason, it can be better to book a guided Mozambique holiday, although for the most part these sorts of holidays are self-drives.

We offer our guests an array of excellent holidays in Mozambique, pre-packaged and ready to book, and they will take you to some of the best places to explore in Mozambique.

  1. Kruger to Coast

This is a fantastic tour for those who want to experience the Kruger and Mozambique in a single trip. The tour starts out in the Kruger, with guests enjoying 3 full days on a Kruger Park safari, and then the tour takes them into neighbouring Mozambique, where they will spend the remaining days of their tour. This specific tour puts a lot of focus on giving guests a luxury experience.

  1. Mozambique Island Living

An idyllic Mozambique holiday, one that will have guests staying in an eco-friendly resort, this island living tour is one that includes luxury helicopter transfers, cruises, scenic drives, and the absolute finest accommodation. The tour takes place over 8 days and guests get to experience Vilanculous, Azura Benguerra, and Bazaruto Island, and a whole lot of outdoor activities.

  1. Mozambique Escape

Sunset cruises, dolphin tours, horseback riding, scuba diving, and so much more can be looked forward to when on the Mozambique Escape tour. This tour includes the best of what Mozambique has to offer, and you can look forward to getting to know more about the country while also enjoying all sorts of activities and lazy beach days.

  1. Zulu Safari and Pearly Beach

This tour is divided between Thanda Private Game Reserve and White Pearl Resort, in Mozambique. With this Mozambique holiday package, you get to enjoy the thrills and sights of an African safari, and an island beach holiday, making it a fantastic trip into two different worlds.

Planning your Holidays in Mozambique

Although you will time and again read that Mozambique is a rough and rustic destination, when planning your trip, especially if you intend on travelling as a part of a packaged holiday, you don’t need to do all that much planning to ensure that you have the best time. If you are planning on driving yourself, make sure that you hire an appropriate vehicle, with a 4×4 being the ideal option.

At ATC Travels, our variety of Mozambique holiday packages include everything you could want from a trip to this stunning destination. Our tours are thoughtfully curated. Using our years of industry experience as well as our industry connections, all to ensure that those who choose to travel with us get to experience the sorts of tours that will give them memories to cherish for a lifetime.

You can book our tours directly via our website or you can contact our team today to discuss your ideal Mozambique holiday.

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