Experience Luxury Train Travel in Africa with ATC

Although the safari game drive or an epic road trip appeals to most travellers, luxury train travel in Africa is the more opulent and often more rewarding way to see the land and all of its wild delights. 

Travelling by rail through some of the scenic landscapes that Southern Africa has to offer, has its own magic. When comfortably seated on board, the traveller has the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the ride, instead of trying to navigate unfamiliar roads. When your tour includes luxury train travel, your journey is guaranteed to be comfortable and simply unforgettable. And when you travel by luxury train, you will be among the special few who are treated to the spectacular sights that can only be seen on this off the beaten track route.

Luxury train travel in Africa is not a one-way, no-stop type of journey.

Instead, you can look forward to stopping in quaint but idyllic towns, you’ll have the opportunity to go on wildlife safaris to see the Big 5 and other wildlife indigenous to this part of the world, and you’ll be staying overnight at only the finest luxury accommodation. 

This classical style of travelling is not for everyone but that is a good thing because as you’ll be meeting like-minded travellers, who are also seeking the kind of African holiday that has that feel of taking a step back in time. 

As with all types of luxury tours of Africa, when you book a luxury train trip, you can expect to experience an unparalleled adventure. On board, you can look forward to a warm and inviting atmosphere, complete with staff who are willing to go that extra mile to ensure your comfort and a  menu of delicious foods, some inspired by Africa and others made to feel like home, served on dining carts.

Train travel offers an elegant but laid-back touch of old-world charm, and those who book such a luxurious trip have the opportunity to really unplug, sit back and take in the beauty of Africa. 

If all you’ve ever wanted is to see Africa in a way similar to the old world traveller, at African Travel Concept we have a selection of luxury train trips in Africa including the popular Rovos Rail Cape Town to Pretoria trip and the Rovos Rail Pretoria to the Victoria Falls trip. This train is widely regarded as one of the most luxurious in the world, and it can travel as far as Tanzania. We also offer a scenic In-Style Country Combination Tour, which is an epic train trip that takes place over 14 days, with guests travelling through South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. 

Luxury train trips in Africa are the ideal trip for the adventure seeker or for a couple wanting to celebrate a special occasion in the most memorable way. A luxury train tour promises to be one of the most indulgent and extravagant African holidays that you will ever have and if you are looking for a specialised itinerary or if what you need is a conveniently packaged trip, our travel experts can assist you in selecting one of our thoughtfully curated train tour packages. 

Below you will see a list of our most popular luxury train trips. Should you have any special requests or requirements, please leave a note with your booking. 

Let us show you a side of Africa that only a few ever get to see. Book your tour with ATC.

In-Style Country Combination Tour

14 Days | From R172,499.00 pps

South Africa | Botswana | Zimbabwe

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Rovos Rail – Pretoria to Victoria Falls

4 Days | From R39,600.00 pps

South Africa | Zimbabwe

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