Book a Luxury African Safari with African Travel Concept 

Of all the African safari vacations available to the modern traveller, the luxury travel experience remains the most sought-after African holiday experience. On this rustic and wild continent, the more discerning traveller, the sort of person who only wants the finer things that Africa has to offer, will find that every destination hosts a variety of luxury African safaris.

The best of Africa’s luxury safari tours are not just designed to feature stylish, exclusive and often completely private accommodation. These sorts of tours offer travellers a more personal experience and they are curated to include delicious fine dining, all of the homely comforts you could want or need, and warm hospitality. The best luxury safaris in Africa have been created in such a way that the entire journey caters to the highest standards of the guests, all while ensuring that guests still get to enjoy and immerse themselves in the raw natural living experience that Africa is famous for.  

Luxury African holidays always go above and beyond expectations, to further ensure that guests are treated to a holiday stay that is both opulent and extravagant. 

Many luxury establishments strive to give guests an experience they won’t forget, so if this is the style of African holiday that you have always envisioned for yourself, you can look forward to spacious rooms with plush, comfortable bedding and refined furniture, friendly and discreet housecleaning, exclusive safari game drives in private reserves, and rooms that offer the most incredible views of the surrounding wildlife. 

While on this holiday, you can expect to return to a hot-drawn bath after your late afternoon game drive and a blissful evening spent listening to the nocturnal wildlife going about their nighttime routines. 

If this sounds like the holiday of your dreams, at African Travel Concept we have a range of luxury African holiday packages available and our travel specialists are here to help you book the holiday most suited to your expectations or to help you create a customised tour package that suits your specific needs. 

Below you will see a list of our current best-selling Luxury African Safaris. Each tour package has been individually created based on our experience of each location, lodge and activity. As hand-selected packages, these tours are guaranteed to introduce you to the best of what Africa has to offer and each tour can be booked for your preferred travel dates. If you have any special requests or requirements, you can always include a note in your booking. 

Whether your luxury travel goals are to see the wilderness of the Okavango, or if you yearn to explore the Winelands in South Africa’s beautiful Cape, at ATC we have a wide range of luxury travel experiences waiting for you.

Let us show you the real Africa. Book your luxury African safari holiday by selecting a tour below.

In-Style Country Combination Tour

Planes, trains and boats – all these wonderful adventures to see three Southern African countries.

Kruger to Coast

Welcome to South Africa! This is a lovely trip that takes you in the African Bush and ends off on

Luxury Garden Route & Safari

A luxurious getaway, incorporating the Garden Route and Safari.

Kwandwe, Cape Town & Tswalu

A luxurious getaway, incorporating the Garden Route and Safari.

Cape Town, Safari & Victoria Falls

A two country adventure, taking you from beautiful Cape Town, onto a Safari and ending in Victoria Falls.

Whales & White Lions

Seasonal whale watching in Hermanus, combined with a safari to a reserve that has white lions.

Luxury Mozambique Retreat

Staying at one of the most luxurious retreats in Mozambique, this island stay is a must for any sunseeker.