Kerith Retreat (amongst 7 others) was founded by Pastor Harris and his wife Tilla. The couple saw the need to help those who could not help themselves.

The project started by supplying meals to the destitute, and assisting with finding them any form of employment to uplift their self-esteem. However, being misunderstood and unable to fit into normal society, it became very clear that there was a vast growing need for accommodation and proper care for these people.

Consisting of 44 fabricated houses, formerly used by SA Railways, Kerith retreat is home to aproximately 64 adults, majority of which, suffer from schizophrenia, and was pushed aside by families. Although they offer long term accommodation and care for psychiatric patients, they follow a strict criteria, whereby all residents should be able to do self-care tasks and household chores.

The retreat consist of a kitchen, dining room, clinic, TV room, ablution blocks, workshop and houses for residents and staff. They supply three meals per day, and in some cases all furniture, clothing and toiletries, to ensure a comfortable living for their residents.

Dontations are key to the retreat, as they only have minimum goverment grants and small contributions from some families to get by.