Cape Towns’ Best Takeaways

During a Cape Town tour, you are going to have to keep your energy up, and the best way to do just that would be to hit one of the city’s best and most popular takeaway joints. The city is well known for its unique take on flavours, textures and colours when it comes to food, so if you are looking for a taste experience, one of the best places in Cape Town you can go to for your fix is a takeaway joint, but not the franchise kind.

Let’s face it, you can buy Mcdonald’s at home, so why would you want to eat something you’ve already tried while you are visiting a whole new country?

When you are in Cape Town, it is a great opportunity to try something different, something local. Fast food in the city is not just a calorific experience, one complete with the oils and sugars that most takeaways are known for. Instead, takeaways can also include a variety of healthy foods that are just as filling and oh so tasty.

When you are in the city on a tour and find yourself having a hankering for something to eat, here are some of the places you can head to.

  1. The Creamery Café Mouille

Ice cream is the quintessential takeaway food and, in summer especially, it is the perfect quick snack that will tide you over until your next main meal. And at Creamery Café Mouille, you will find an array of delicious ice cream flavours, all made using the highest quality ingredients. Those who have bought ice cream here rave about how tasty it is, and the café has seen many customers returning.

  1. Allegria Café and Life

Built close to the base of a mountain, on a quaint street corner, is Allegria Café and Life, a great place to get a snack. The café serves up an array of meals ranging from Italian pasta dishes, to salads, Panini, and cakes. The café is also known for is all-day breakfast, something that might be most welcome for those wanting to have a lie in before going on their tour.

  1. Steelies Fast Foods

If you find yourself hungry and on Canal Walk, Steelies is going to be one of the best places you can stop for a filling meal. Steelies serves up one of Cape Town’s most iconic meals, the Gatsby. A long bread roll filled with cheese, steak, fried potato chips, and tomato and lettuce, a Gatsby is a meal that can be shared or it can be that super indulgent treat that you keep to yourself.

  1. Smokey & Co

A place that satisfies all sorts of cravings, Smokey & Co is a great place to tuck into a truly decadent platter of treats. The takeaway serves all types of meals such as ribs, mac and cheese, and pizza, and based on the reviews they get, their food is to die for.

  1. Melkbos Fisheries

It wouldn’t be a trip to Cape Town if you didn’t dine on the classic fish and chips takeaway. And Melkbos Fisheries makes some of the best fish and chips in the city. They have very favourable rating on TripAdvisor, with some reviewers even saying it would be a sin not to eat here.


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