From Cape Point to the Kruger – How to See the Best of South Africa
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They might look close enough on the map, but Cape Town and the Kruger National Park are completely worlds apart. 

It is not just the distance between these two destinations that makes them so different, but the vastness of the area in between means these destinations have their own cultures, their own unique landscapes and their own way of life. 

While the accents you hear in Cape Town will be utterly different to the voices you’ll hear in the Kruger, both of these destinations have a South African vibe that is hard to miss and even harder to not absolutely love. 

South Africa welcomes a great many tourists to its shores every year, and while most will pass through the Kruger and Cape Town, few get to make the most of the roads, the landscapes, and the attractions in between. 

In this guide, we’re going to show you how you can see the best of South Africa in a single holiday. 

At ATC, we specialise in all kinds of South African tours and we have happily planned incredible tours for all sorts of intrepid travellers hoping to see this beautiful place. 

Within our extensive catalogue of South Africa tours, curated by travel experts who themselves have had the pleasure of seeing the length and breadth of South Africa through the eyes of a tourist, you’ll find the exact tours you need to book should you wish to travel comfortably from the very tip of Cape Town to the wild lands of the Kruger National Park.  

So allow us to inspire you to plan your epic South African odyssey.

Kruger National Park Elephant Encounter during a Kruger/Panorama Tour

Visiting Cape Town – A City at the Bottom of Africa 

We LOVE Cape Town. Then again, we love all of the attractions that South Africa has to offer. 

Some tourists have asked us if they should visit Cape Town or the Kruger first, and the answer is that it is all a matter of preference. 

Cape Town is an easy starting point because it is home to a world-class international airport and with its lovely weather and its exceptional list of attractions and things to do, it is the perfect introduction to the country. 

From enjoying tours of Table Mountain, which is home to the magnificent Cape Floral Region, to sitting down for an invigorating cup of coffee at Truth Coffee, the city itself is just the tip of the iceberg for an excited traveller. 

After seeing that famous attraction that Cape Town is so well known for, the Winelands and surrounding stunning landscapes await. Wineland tours will take you to ancient farms which still produce some of South Africa’s very best wines. 

Our Cape Town tours include the Gourmet Cape & Winelands Experience, the Luxury Food & Wine Tour: Cape Town, Winelands & Safari and the Safari, Wine And The Mother City. The latter of these tours include time spent in the Kruger National Park. 

Travelling along the Garden Route – A Place of Natural Wonders and Picturesque Towns 

Some travellers skip this part to fly directly from Cape Town to the Kruger, but we feel you’d be missing out on seeing a huge swath of some of the most beautiful parts of South Africa if you did this. 

Just outside of Cape Town is one of the wildest, greenest and most incredible places

Called the Garden Route, this part of South Africa stretches up the Eastern Cape coast and is home to plenty of gorgeous small towns and all sorts of attractions and activities. 

While travelling through the Garden Route, you can do some whale watching in Hermanus (keep in mind that this is a seasonal activity), or go hiking and explore the region’s scenic wonders, including the towering Tsitsikamma Mountains and pristine, and often completely void of people, beaches. 

Aside from the natural wonders of this part of the world, you can also visit Knysna and its indigenous forest, which has hiking trails, unique plant life, and the beautiful Knysna loerie.

Our Garden Route tours include the Enchanted Garden Route Tour, the Garden Route Golfing Tour, and the Luxury Garden Route & Safari Tour.

Table Mountain sunset Cape Town tour

Driving Through KwaZulu-Natal – A Place of Magnificent Landscapes 

This province is a bit of a wildcard and doesn’t get nearly enough attention on the tourist trail. But if you are travelling from the Cape to the Kruger and you want to see as much of the country as possible while doing so, a drive through this province will definitely be worth your time. 

KwaZulu-Natal has a lot to offer tourists; from Durban’s bustling Golden Mile with its inviting beaches, vibrant atmosphere, and delectable seafood restaurants, to the majestic Drakensberg Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its breath-taking scenery, hiking trails, and rare wildlife, you won’t be bored for a moment, if you have a moment to spare. 

While here you can visit Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park, another UNESCO Site and one of Africa’s oldest parks, famous for its white rhino population and one of the most important locations for rhino conservation efforts. The province is also a great place to explore South Africa’s past. History buffs will love the tales from battlefields like Isandlwana, a significant place during the Anglo-Zulu War.

Our KwaZulu Natal tour catalogue is not as large as our others but if you want to see this part of SA you can book our Family Slow Travel – Self Drive Tour or our Taste of Nature Tour.

The Mighty Kruger National Park – Africa’s Top Safari Destination 

The last stop on your tour is the beautiful Kruger. 

This world famous reserve offers guests the most incredible wildlife encounters and, with its unreal landscapes, that will make you feel like an old world traveller, time spent here will be peaceful, exciting and truly invigorating. Whether you decide to go on a guided game drive or a guided bush walk, the Kruger offers authentic African safari experiences led by seasoned guides who will introduce you to the park’s secrets and bring you face-to-face with the untamed beauty of the wild. And if you have driven yourself all the way from the Cape to the Kruger, you will be able to go on a self-drive trip which will give you the freedom to explore at your own pace. 

The Kruger and the surrounds also happen to have some truly world-class accommodation, allowing you to relax and unwind well away from the crowds that are so often found in the Kruger’s more popular camps.

Some of our popular Kruger tours include the Kruger Park Safari Fly-In Tour and the Kruger & Panorama Route Breakaway Tour.

Traditional Zulu Dance

A Few of the Frequently Asked Questions about Cape to Kruger Tours 

Now that you have a general idea about how this kind of holiday can play out, we have some more information that you might find useful. 

  • How much time do you need to combine a Cape Town and Kruger safari?

South Africa is huge! If you want a complete experience that gives you more than enough time to stop off at various destinations, you should set aside between 10 and 14 days for your trip. This amount of time will allow you to see the best of South Africa at a relaxed pace. 

  • How do you get to Kruger from Cape Town (or from Cape Town to Kruger)?

It really depends on your budget, how you’d like to travel and how much time you have. Flying is certainly the most popular option but that takes the fun out of seeing the attractions and landscapes along the way. If you choose to fly, there is a flight route between Cape Town and the Kruger, as well as a route between Cape Town and Mbombela, the city closest to the Kruger. 

Driving gives you the opportunity to see a lot of the country but it can be a little tiring. If driving yourself is not something you are keen to do, you can always chat with the agency you are booking your tours with to arrange your transport. 

  • When is the best time to visit South Africa?

South Africa is a fantastic destination to visit all year around but the summers do get exceptionally hot in the Kruger area while the winters are cold and rainy in the Cape. Travelling during the shoulder seasons (March to May and August to October) will give you excellent weather in both destinations and for the most part, many of the tourist attractions will be rather quiet during this time of year. 

Need some help planning your epic, complete South African holiday?

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