Art Lover’s Attractions in the Garden Route

As an area which is known for its eclectic personality and its fantastically creative people, the Garden Route is one place that every art lover can find something to love and to enjoy. One could argue that the scenery itself is a work of art, as the nature that you will encounter while on your Garden Route tour is going to be absolutely mind blowing. But there are all sorts of other places where you can look at amazing artworks created by the local artists whose creativity has been greatly inspired by living in such a stunning corner of the world.

One of the most notable efforts to introduce guests to the art on display in the area is The Art Route. Created by the Knysna Art Society, this Route highlights the very best of what the art community along the Garden Route has to offer. It includes a lot of the best know art galleries and attractions as well as those that are considered hidden gems. If you choose to plan your Garden Route trip according to The Art Route, you will not only get to see all of the best attractions and art works but you will also get to explore working artist studios where you can get a behind the scenes glimpse of the creative process. Along this route you can also indulge in some of the best food and coffees at one of the many restaurants and coffee shops. The route also includes places where you can buy art services, art supplies, and shops where you can buy wall art.



A Choice of Galleries

If you skip The Art Route and choose to plan your own tour, here are a couple of gallery options.

  1. Art Café on Queen Gallery

When you are in Knysna, it will be difficult to miss the striking blue building which is home to the Art Café. The gallery has been built in one of the town’s oldest houses and along with getting the opportunity to look at some of the best art, you can also stop by for a light meal or a delicious cup of coffee.

  1. Entabeni Farm Gallery

Another gallery in Knysna, the Entabeni Farm Gallery features two artists at a time, one from Europe and one from Africa, and every 8 weeks the artists change.

  1. House of Maria

A gallery based in Mossel Bay, the House of Maria gallery displays art works created by Maria and her art is out of this world. The gallery has been built in an old Victorian building and that in itself is quite the sight. You can spend some time browsing all of the art on offer, and you can also stock up on a few gifts to take back home with you. House of Maria has an air of tranquillity about it which really adds to the overall experience.

With all of the quirky, close knit towns and communities of the Garden Route, there is plenty of art to explore, and to purchase. When you next find yourself in the area, enjoying a Garden Route tour, be sure to show your support to the local art scene.