2024 Africa Travel Trends
Dulini River Elephant sighting whilst on afternoon Game Drive

2023 has been a momentous year for African Travel Concept.

We met new faces and welcomed back a few familiar ones. We guided our guests into parts unknown to them and were privileged to watch as they excitedly saw their first lion or gawked up in true astonishment at their first giraffe. And we have been blessed to be able to give back to the communities in which we work.

While 2023 will be a year to remember, 2024 is just on the horizon, and it is going to be packed full of new opportunities for those who have always wanted to experience Africa.

That people say Africa is like no place on earth is no overestimation of the continent’s worth to a traveller. Each country is so different, with so much to see that it would take more than a lifetime to truly see it all.

But with a little bit of careful planning, as well as these travel trends for 2024 sitting in your back pocket, you can have your very own, uniquely African experience that will go beyond your wildest expectations.

ATC’s Top 5 Africa Travel Trends for 2024

1.Off the Beaten Track

This year we’ve have seen so many travellers yearning for an experience that isn’t your cookie cutter mold African holiday.

In 2024, there will be a lot more travellers who will be looking to take the road less travelled, and in doing so create a more meaningful connection to Africa.

That said, those destinations that are extremely popular among the tourists will still be frequented by the crowds, but in the coming year there will also be plenty of opportunities to walk the road less travelled, like taking a solo road trip from Cape Town to Namibia, stopping along the way to see those lesser known attractions.

2. Travelling to Celebrate

Travelling plans are usually made because the traveller wants to see and experience some place new. The dates are often determined by the best season to travel, and so those special occasions in our lives often don’t come into consideration during our planning.

In the New Year, more travellers will be celebrating the big milestones of their lives by going on a holiday someplace special, while others will choose to have destination weddings, and even go on big friend group holidays.

Because what better way to celebrate love and being alive, than with a memorable getaway to Africa?

3. Planning on the move

The age of the internet allows tourists to Google destinations near to where they are having their holiday and this will make spontaneous day trips a big 2024 Africa travel trend. To make the most of this trend, it is a good idea to book a flexible African holiday and then let the wind carry you wherever it chooses.

4. See less but stay longer

The days of those chaotic, permanently on the run in an attempt to see as much as you can, while on holiday types of trips are coming to an end, as travellers look for packages that give them a longer stay but fewer destinations. This sort of holiday will allow travellers to have a slower paced, more relaxed holiday, but still be able to get to know the destination they are traversing.

5. Regenerative, Wellness Holidays

For many people, life has been immensely stressful and tiring the last few years. And those who are planning an overseas holiday will be looking for a retreat that will restore their energy and give them time to relax.

There is no better place to replenish your strength and to tend to your mental health than Africa. The open and isolated spaces, some of which are not just well away from people but also lack cell reception, will give you the chance to truly escape from the demands of your world.

And besides the safaris, the open landscapes, the down time, and the wildlife, there are also plenty of luxury lodges where you can indulge in a spa treatment or a massage.

Make 2024 the year that you finally visit (or return) to the warm embrace of Africa.

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